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Chapter Seoul and BUFS Korean Department Collaboration: Exciting Prospects for 2024

챕터서울과 부산외대 한국어학과 협력 썸네일 이미지

In 2023, ChapterSeoul started a collaboration with the Korean Department of Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS), focusing on enhancing the quality of Korean education and strengthening their global educational stance. The MOU, centering on the development of Korean language and cultural content, research in Korean studies, and international exchange, is expected to yield significant results in 2024, enhancing Korean language education globally.

Lecture on Writing Cover Letter and Resume for Foreigners’ Recruitment in Korea

외국인 채용, recruitment in korea_thumbnail

This article covers the specialized lectures by Chapter Korean, focusing on enhancing Korean language skills, networking, internship experiences, and effective cover letter and resume writing. It also highlights the role of the lead instructor, Eva, and provides additional resources for successful job application preparation in Korea.

Introducing partners, Course of Korean for travelers

여행 한국어 | Korean for travelers

“The partnership between Soo House and Chapter Korean begins!” Partnership for ‘Korean for Travelers’ Hello everyone! Today, we would like to take a look at an interesting article about the beautiful meeting of travel and language, the new collaboration between Soo & Carrots, which operates Soo House, and Chapter Seoul, which operates Chapter Korean. We […]

Overseas Korean language education market analysis, localization, and overseas corporations

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Entering the overseas Korean language education market, overseas corporation ‘Chapter Seoul’ operates ‘Chapter Korean’, a platform that teaches intermediate and advanced Korean to international students and foreigners online. They received favorable reviews from consumers thanks to their well-designed student management tools and 1:1 training system. The re-registration rate is also very high. Recently, we are […]

“Online Korean Lessons, so that both consumers and instructors are satisfied”

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Online Korean Lessons, Chapter Korean Chapter Seoul operates the Online Korean Lessons platform ‘Chapter Korean’. Foreigners who wish to enter university or higher education institutions or seek employment in Korean companies visit Chapter Seoul. Chapter Seoul’s strengths are its systematic intermediate and advanced Korean language education programs and data learning management tools. Thanks to this, […]

“Korean language education business, we need to find field demand and gain trust”

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Chapter Seoul & Job-optimized Korean language training Chapter Seoul operates ‘Chapter Korean,’ an online and offline platform that teaches intermediate and advanced Korean to foreigners. they teach middle and high-level Korean language education programs 1:1 or in groups that reflect our country’s trends and provide both fun and knowledge. They also operate management programs that […]

From Korean language education to HR training and matching platform

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Advanced level Korean language education service, Chapter Korean – Article summary [Scale Up x Dongguk University Campus Town] Advanced level Korean language education service, Chapter Korean The Scale Up Team is conducting the ‘2023 Scale Up Program’ in collaboration with Dongguk University Campus Town. The Scale Up Team introduces the overall business ongoing by startups […]

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