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Chapter Korean 1:1 speaking class
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Through step-by-step learning through self-made materials,
you can improve your Korean skills faster and more efficiently than other academies or language schools. .

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Better contents

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Improve your skills faster

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Higher goals

Chapter Korean 1:1 class materials

Learn the expressions you want to say in Korean,

the Korean you need every day,

and Korean that you can use in conversations from today.

  • Conversational material in Korean used by friends, family, and company
  • +200 various business Korean textbooks such as business, politics/economics, culture, science, etc.
  • A Korean material with content of new issues in Korea and around the world that is updated monthly.

The best Korean materials
for Korean conversation.

You can learn words and expressions by reading questions and texts
designed to think and speak.

Latest Issues
Articles on current topics
article with conversation
Conversations made up of expressions that Koreans use in everyday life
speaking question
A variety of questions that allow you to have a deep conversation with your teacher
key words and expressions
Useful Korean expressions and words you can use right away when speaking
최신이슈 글
대화가 있는 글
말하기 질문
핵심 단어와 표현

1:1 tutor

Professional Chapter Korean Teacher

1:1 Korean online class with a Korean teacher

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Specially trained teachers
who will make
conversation time great.

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Teachers with work experience,
Korean language teaching
experience in Korea

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Teachers in various
majors and fields
of various duties

Introducing a Chapter Korean Korean teacher
who can talk with you with an open mind.

Class review

right quotation mark

I really loved the classes so much because it matches with my learning style! I recommended to my friends as well because I definitely liked the learning strategy here. Thank you!

Kathleen Hernandez

한국 직장인
right quotation mark

I like it ^^ Teacher, you work hard every class and you have a lot of preparation. It’s cheap and easy to do online. And it is very convenient for office workers by scheduling a desired time. There are many class material topics. The teacher always sets the topic for my field of interest and work life and conducts the class. I am very satisfied with this


한국 직장인
right quotation mark

Personal feedback is very helpful.


외국 직장인 대만
right quotation mark

Teacher works really hard to understand what I’m trying to express and teaches me the natural
Korean way to say things in a way that is easily understood


한국 내 직장인 미국
right quotation mark

Thanks to the teacher, I was able to learn interesting topics about Korea, and thank you for practicing speaking and grammar together a lot!^^


한국 거주
right quotation mark

You can learn Korean that real Koreans use through a Korean teacher. When I ask a question, it is helpful because the teacher gives a serious explanation with examples and listens carefully to the story.


한국 직장인
right quotation mark

We can talk about a variety of topics. Every week I can learn something new and I can talk a lot with my teacher.

Nathalie Scott

한국 직장인


I'm curious about the class

This class is a 1:1 online Korean tutoring for intermediate/advanced Korean users. Classes are conducted with the goal of learning the speaking and writing languages that real Koreans actually use, and making them usable. Chapter Korean lessons will make you a natural and fluent Korean speaker.
Each class is 45 minutes.

What is the class running time?

You can book and change classes directly with the teacher in charge.

In what order are the classes held?

The teacher sends the textbook through KakaoTalk.
Students read the textbook in advance and participate in class.
In class, the teacher corrects the student’s misused expression or teaches the student the necessary Korean language.
The teacher sends the feedback file to the student through KakaoTalk.
Review with the feedback file.

This course is designed for:

This is a class that everyone can take from Chapter Korean’s Survival level to the Mastery level.

What’s included

PDF textbook, teacher’s feedback file, Chapter Korean Community KakaoTalk chat room, coupons for participating in various events

Say what you want to say in Korean more elegantly
with Chapter Korean teachers and textbooks on various topics.