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We provide Korean education that can be directly applied to employees’ work with customized education designs
for companies and universities.

Provide Korean education
to your employees.

Special Enhanced Korean Curriculum

Provides on-offline convergence course with a customized Korean education solution for customer needs in an enhanced curriculum validated by years of fieldwork.

한국어 교육 Korean education

Practical Korean

Through consulting,
members can immediately use Korean,
which is essential for work.

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Customized Solution

We provide customized training programs.
And we suggest the best training format
according to the company’s needs.

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On-offline convergence
study course

We provide app/web, online
or offline on-site class

attendance services to meet the needs of
companies and universities.

Custom training

Give your members the training they need most

Provide your members with the
Korean education they need most.

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Education to students with Proven teaching methods

Education to students with
Proven teaching methods

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Education to students with
Proven teaching methods

Korean language skill will improve by
learning expressions and words
in the textbook in advance.
Through customized Korean curriculum
and lessons with professional teacher,
feedback-based management is
another key to improvement.

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Highly satisfied reviews
from companies and students

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Partnership inquiry and application

Please feel free to contact us.
A manager will kindly contact you.

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