Are you preparing for TOPIK exam??

If you cannot reach TOPIK level 5 or 6, which was your goal because of TOPIK writing and TOPIK reading,
If TOPIK is difficult
, study TOPIK with Chapter Korean.


TOPIK 2 writing through analysis

Chapter Korean’s Korean experts teach you a more efficient problem solving method that has been analyzed for a long time..


Pattern Expressions for High Scores

There are some expressions you should use to get a high score in TOPIK. Practice repeatedly to practice writing more accurately.


Korean teacher's personal correction

Learn about your repeated mistakes and weaknesses through 1:1 counseling with your teacher and personal corrections . To grow my Korean, I need to know myself .

This is why I recommend
Chapter Korean
TOPIK 2 class.

You have to take Chapter Korean’s TOPIK class to learn how to do TOPIK writing and reading well..
You can achieve your TOPIK test goals faster than others if you know how and prepare for the test in an efficient way first.

topic rec

TOPIK class student review

right quotation mark

이렇게 고급과정까지 해 주는 기관이 별로 없어서
정말 힘들었는데 이렇게 1주일에 1시간이라도 한국어를 주기적으로 공부할 수 있게 되어 정말 좋네요.
좋은 공부 자료를 만들고 가르쳐 주신 챕터코리안 선생님들 감사합니다!


외국계 직장인 미국
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더 열심히 하겠습니다.
교제 내용도 다양하게 나와서 언어뿐만 아니라 관념과 한국 문화, 유행어도 알 수 있어서 좋습니다.


외국계 직장인 대만
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선생님 works really hard to understand what I’m trying to express and teaches me the natural
Korean way to say things in a way that is easily understood


한국 내 직장인 미국
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Nice teacher / seems professional / instead of a class evaluation test he jumped right into
business Korean and more fitting to my business which i really liked since it gives me a real individual
experience what i was looking for


CEO 미국
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저 성적 확인했는데 토픽 6급 나왔어요. 수업 듣기 전에 제 글쓰기가 진짜 엉망진창이었는데
덕분에 좋은 성적이 나왔어요. 수업 중에 연습하는 기회가 많다 보니 배웠던 표현법을 다양하게 활용할
수 있어서 너무 좋아요! 토픽 시험을 준비하는 친구들한테 추천하고 싶어요!


대학생 홍콩


I'm curious about the class

This is a lecture to solve questions 53~54 that is helpful for the TOPIK exam. You can analyze the types of questions that appear frequently on exams and learn how to write to improve your score. This is a TOPIK writing weekend class. You can take a total of 5 100-minute lessons.
A 30-minute individual proofreading class is included.

In what order are the classes held?

Download the textbook delivered by the teacher through KakaoTalk and read it before class.
Students read the textbook in advance and participate in class.
In class, the teacher uses the writing method or problem-solving, and the students write in real time.
After class, review through homework.

What level of student would like to listen to?

This class is open to everyone taking the TOPIK 2 exam.