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Chapter Seoul and BUFS Korean Department Collaboration: Exciting Prospects for 2024

Thumbnail image of Chapter Seoul and BUFS Korean Department collaboration

A New Collaboration, A New Beginning: Chapter Seoul and BUFS Korean Department

In 2023, Chapter Seoul embarked on a new journey, initiating a collaboration with the Korean Department of Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS). This partnership marks the beginning of a new chapter in enhancing the quality of Korean education and solidifying our position in the global educational landscape. Our joint venture is grounded in a shared vision to enrich the Korean language learning experience globally.

Chapter Seoul team visiting the BUFS campus

This collaboration offers both institutions the opportunity to leverage their strengths for mutual enhancement. The expertise of BUFS Korean language education combined with Chapter Seoul’s innovative technology is set to redefine the paradigms of Korean language education.

The Essence of Collaboration: Key Content and Goals of the MOU

Our recently concluded MOU is a pivotal step in solidifying the collaboration between both institutions. The agreement primarily focuses on the development of Korean language and cultural content, research in Korean studies abroad, Business Korean and expanding international exchange. This cooperation is expected to offer better educational opportunities to Korean language learners worldwide.

Furthermore, the MOU lays out a concrete path for how BUFS Korean Department and Chapter Seoul will collaborate in the development of educational content and scholarly exchange. Experts from both institutions are coming together to innovate in teaching methods and content, aiming to elevate the quality of Korean language education.

Representatives of Chapter Seoul and BUFS Korean Department signing the MOU

Looking Forward to 2024: Plans of Chapter Seoul and BUFS

2024 is anticipated to be the year when the collaboration between Chapter Seoul and BUFS Korean Department will bear significant fruits. Through this partnership, both institutions plan to set new standards in Korean language education and provide a superior learning experience to learners across the globe.

We are optimistic that this collaboration will brighten the future of Korean language education. Leveraging the strengths of both institutions, we aim to offer richer and more diverse educational content to learners and enhance global understanding and interest in the Korean language and culture.

Official ceremony photo of Chapter Seoul and BUFS Korean Department signing the agreement

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