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Celebrating 2023: Sogang University Korean Students’ Year-End Party with Sogang Friends x Chapter Seoul

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Chapter Seoul and Sogang Friends’ Spectacular Year-End Party!

Hello. Sogang university Korean Learners! 안녕하세요.

Today, I’m excited to share with you the glittering year-end party jointly hosted by the Chapter Korean team and the Sogang Friends community club. This event was a celebration with our foreign students who cherish learning Korean. The Chapter Korean team and Chapter Seoul joined the party in a sponsorship role.

Chapter Seoul – The Team Behind Chapter Korean and JAEM Korean App

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First, let me introduce you to the Chapter Seoul team. Chapter Korean is dedicated to providing Korean language courses and applications for foreign students studying in Korea. They strive to make Korean language learning more effective and have been assisting a diverse group of international students for a long time. In particular, the ‘Chapter Korean’ program and the ‘JAEM Korean’ app were developed to maximize learning efficiency and are very popular among international students.

Sogang Friends – Sogang University Korean learners’ student Club

Sogang Friends is a community club formed by international students at Sogang University. It’s a vibrant group where students of various nationalities gather to share friendships and exchange cultures. Sogang Friends actively contributes to Sogang University as a global community space.

A Dazzling Year-End Party

About 70 foreign students and members of the Sogang Friends club attended the year-end party. It was a fantastic opportunity to share different cultures and languages and to form close relationships with friends from various countries. A DJ was specially invited to the venue, energizing the atmosphere with music and dance.

Looking Forward to the Freshmen Orientation!

In the upcoming semester (24-1), Sogang Friends plans to conduct an orientation for new foreign undergraduate students. The Chapter Korean team will also participate, offering various forms of assistance in Korean language learning and cultural exchange to the new students. We are excited about sharing diverse experiences and knowledge and meeting new friends.

That’s a wrap on the year-end party hosted by Chapter Seoul and Sogang Friends and our plans for future activities. We look forward to meeting and engaging with more people interested in studying Korean through various events and activities. We eagerly await seeing you at our next event and the freshmen orientation, and extend our thanks to everyone who loves Chapter Seoul and Sogang Friends.

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Party with Sogang university Korean learners

Thank you!

Chapter Korean Partnership : [email protected]
Chapter Korean Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0BrqFnqEM6VV3Z1WyGDooQ/
Chapter Korean Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/chapterkorean/

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