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Introducing partners, Course of Korean for travelers

여행 한국어 | Korean for travelers

“The partnership between Soo House and Chapter Korean begins!”

Partnership for ‘Korean for Travelers’

Hello everyone! Today, we would like to take a look at an interesting article about the beautiful meeting of travel and language, the new collaboration between Soo & Carrots, which operates Soo House, and Chapter Seoul, which operates Chapter Korean. We are happy to announce the partnership between Soo House, a travel platform for strangers in the world, which is managed by Soo&Carrots Co., Ltd. Through this cooperation, Soo House is said to have signed business agreements with various service partners and joined hands with Chapter Seoul to provide travel Korean language classes through the Chapter Korean service.

Chapter Seoul business agreement signed with Soo&Carrots Co., Ltd.

This interesting article states that Soo & Carrots Co., Ltd., operator of the Soo House travel platform targeting strangers around the world, and Chapter Seoul, operator of Chapter Korean, a Korean language education service, are signing a business agreement through cooperation with new partners. We are informing you of news. This collaboration is understood to be part of an effort by several companies, including Su&Carrots Co., Ltd. and Chapter Seoul, to provide more diverse travel services and Korean for Travelers

Soo House was introduced to be growing rapidly, securing more than 2,000 users in the US, UK, and France in just one month after beta launch. This achievement is believed to be due to the fact that Soo&Carrots successfully secured users with a high interest in Korean language and culture. In particular, it is introduced that travel Korean language services are provided through Chapter Korean.

Effect of this business agreement ‘Korean for Travelers’

Through collaboration with Chapter Seoul and Soo&Carrots Co., Ltd., it is expected to contribute to providing not only Korean language education services but also meaningful travel and residence experiences along with a deep understanding of Korean language and culture to foreign travelers. In particular, this collaboration is expected to help foreign travelers experience Korea more richly by providing new ways for travelers to communicate with local culture while learning the language.

In the background of this cooperation, Soo&Carrots Co., Ltd. is increasing interest in the Soo House app based on active activities through media and social media, and is developing the app by reflecting user feedback, and plans to launch the official version at the end of July. We are aiming for it. Users are expected to expect more active communication through this community feature and richer language and cultural content.

In addition, by providing travel Korean services on the Soo House travel platform, Chapter Korean is enjoying great promotional effects. Soo House’s travel platform has already established itself as a popular destination for travelers of various nationalities. Therefore, the course of Korean for travelers provided through Soo House serves as an effective means of promoting the existence of Chapter Korean to numerous travelers.

Soo House users have a keen interest in language learning as they experience other cultures and encounter new languages ​​through travel. When combined with the travel Korean service provided by Chapter Korean, Soo House users are expected to enjoy a richer language experience and at the same time become more interested in Chapter Korean’s Korean for Travelers service.

This helps Chapter Korean promote its brand and increase awareness, motivating more travelers to learn Korean. Therefore, the collaboration between Soo House and Chapter Korean is creating a mutually beneficial relationship, and the two companies’ services are growing together and reaching more users.

In this way, the cooperation between Su&Carrots Co., Ltd. and Chapter Seoul demonstrates the strategic partnership between the two companies, and is expected to provide a more diverse and enriched experience to those traveling to Korea. This collaboration is expected to further shine in an effort to provide better services and opportunities for travelers and Korean language learners. In this way, the news of Soo House’s collaboration with Chapter Korean appears to provide an opportunity to promote and share Korea’s beautiful travel and culture more widely.

Growth as a travel Korean platform and Korean for Travelers

In addition, it was mentioned that the Soo House service is recruiting domestic and foreign partners, and plans to discover and support domestic small business owners and service companies in particular. Soo House CEO said, “Even if they are not widely known in the media, we want to grow together by actively discovering and supporting partners who provide special and diverse experiences that can only be experienced in Korea.” Chapter Seoul, which operates the Chapter Korean service, will also work with people who love the Korean language and travel to Korea.

Through this article, we can see the growth engine and active participation in various partnerships between Chapter Seoul and Su&Carrots Co., Ltd. We look forward to the various travel services that Soo House and Chapter Korean will provide in the future and cooperation with partners.

So, let’s have a fun trip and look forward to new experiences! 🌍✈️

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