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TOPIK 51: Achieving High Scores

TOPIK 쓰기 51

TOPIK 51: Three Strategies for High Scores In the previous post, I explained why TOPIK writing is challenging. From this post onwards, I plan to introduce and explain various problem-solving methods and approaches for questions 51, 52, 53, and 54 in TOPIK Writing. At the end of each post, I will briefly provide study strategies, […]

TOPIK2 Writing test for level 6, 5 things you should know about

TOPIK2 쓰기 팁 | TOPIK2 writing tips

TOPIK2 writing is the most difficult test for many people! The most frequently mentioned reason for the difficulty of the topik2 writing test is ‘lack of time’. If you solve a total of four questions in order, you may not be able to write the last and difficult question 54. If you are a good […]

Introduction to TOPIK Reading Test

TOPIK 읽기 시험 | TOPIK reading test

Hello, Korean learners! You’ve probably heard of TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean). This test is one of the keys that opens the door for many people who want to learn Korean. In particular, TOPIK reading test is one of the important parts that tests in-depth understanding and application skills of the Korean language. In […]

2024 TOPIK schedule – Check it out!

2024년 TOPIK 시험 일정_2024 TOPIK Schedule

Hello The 2024 TOPIK schedule has been announced. Among those studying Korean, there are many who prepare for TOPIK tests. Chapter Korean has organized the 2024 TOPIK test schedule. The 2024 TOPIK test (Test of Proficiency in Korean) will be held a total of 9 times, including 6times TOPIK PBT and 3times TOPIK IBT. And […]

Introduction of TOPIK 2 Writing Test

TOPIK 2 쓰기

Hello, everyone who are looking to learn Korean and improve their skills! Today, let me walk you through about the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). TOPIK 2 Writing is essential part for thoes who are looking for Level 6. I’d like to let you know step by step Please take a look to check […]

Would you like to find out the 2023 TOPIK schedule?

2023년 TOPIK 시험 일정

When is the 2023 TOPIK schedule? Hello This is Chapter Korean, an intermediate and advanced Korean language education program. Today’s article is about the 2023 TOPIK schedule. Have you guys made any New Year’s goals or bucket list plans for 2023? Many people make New Year’s plans every year to start the year with a […]