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TOPIK 53 Writing Wizardry: Elevate Your Korean Proficiency

Successfully tackling TOPIK 53 involves understanding specific patterns and crucial expressions. This question typically adheres to set patterns, requiring candidates to construct their response in chronological order based on the provided graph or information. Building on our discussions from Questions 51 and 52, let’s delve into effective strategies for scoring well on TOPIK 53!

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But first! Have you checked out the ‘5 Things of TOPIK 2 Writing’ and the essay on ‘TOPIK 51: Achieving High Scores’ in the previous post? Let’s study together joyfully and enhance your Korean language proficiency! Feel free to ask if you have any questions! 🚀📚

To effectively prepare for TOPIK 53, you need to follow several key steps.
Take a close look at the examples step by step, and follow along slowly as we solve the problem together!

Step 1: Analyzing the Graph to Organize the Order of the Text

Analyzing the provided graph carefully and understanding its characteristics is the crucial first step. After identifying the type of graph and the information given, you determine the overall structure of the text. For example, it could involve ranking, comparison, or numerical changes, so being aware of the characteristics of each type and the features of the text in advance would be beneficial.
Identify the type of problem of TOPIK 53 and note down the order in which you will write on the question paper. Do it within 5 seconds!

The order should start with important words that include everyone, such as ‘total’ or ‘all,’ at the beginning of the graph.
Usually, it’s good to establish the order from left to right or from top to bottom in a graph of TOPIK 53.

<TOPIK 53 example>

TOPIK 53 example

Please always write content related to reasons, causes, and prospects, such as the reason for the fourth change, at the end.

Step 2: Displaying Increased or Decreased Figures

In the next step, it is crucial to clearly indicate the increase or decrease in the figures shown in the graph. Be cautious to use only the information provided in the question. Avoid unnecessary information or personal opinions and focus solely on the figures presented in the problem.

Usually, write down how much the figures increased or decreased over a specific period. This should also be done within 5-10 seconds!

<TOPIK 53 example>

TOPIK 53 example_2

To effectively represent the figures, it is essential to acquire various expression methods. Knowing expressions for comparing figures, rate of change, ranking, etc., will help convey the information clearly. I will explain these expressions a bit more below!

Step 3: Writing All Information in Order without Omissions

Lastly, when writing the text, make sure to include all the information given in the question in order. Understand precisely which information should come first and what should follow. Using specific expressions or words from the question to construct sentences can help you score higher.

<TOPIK 53 example>

53번 예시1 1

It is crucial to follow the order and accurately convey all the information given in the question. Using the expressions provided in the question to complete your answer is the most important!

TOPIK 53 is about practicing various examples to improve your skills quickly. Let’s go through a couple of example questions,

As you solve the problem, remember the above steps and follow along slowly!

Following the three steps I’ve already mentioned is the most important.

Now, I will guide you on how to score a perfect 30 on TOPIK 53, focusing on a total of two example questions!

<TOPIK 53 example>


Let’s examine the high-scoring strategy for the example of “고등학생 독서량 변화” using the three steps introduced earlier.

Step 1: Structuring the Text by Analyzing the Graph

The given graph shows how the reading volume of high school students has changed over time. First, decide the order of the graph and the text.

Step 2: Highlighting Increased or Decreased Values

The graph indicates a decreasing trend in students’ reading volume. When expressing this in the text, phrases like “지난 8년 동안 고등학생들의 독서량은 2배 이상 꾸준히 감소해왔다”clearly represent the figures. It is essential to mention the actual figures, such as “2015년부터 2023년까지”as required.

Always use the words and figures exactly as they appear in the graph to get 30 points on TOPIK 53.

Step 3: Writing All Information in Order without Omissions

When writing the text, organize the information given in the graph in the order of the text. For example, “먼저, 고등학생 독서량은… 그 다음으로, 5년 전에는… 현재는…” Organize the information in a sequence to write the text.

※ Solve the problem by using the pattern in speaking first!

주제에 대한 조사한 결과는 다음과 같다. 첫번째 제목‘~수치, ‘~수치’, ‘~수치n 년간n 배로 (급증/급감) 하였다.

주요 변화 원인은 ‘원인1/원인2~기 때문이다.

이에 따른 ‘세번째 제목’ 으로 ‘예상대책’ 을/를 들 수 있다.


[ 고등학생 독서량 변화 양상에 대한 조사한 결과는 다음과 같다. 고등학생 독서량 변화 양상201589%, 201879%, 202340%] [ 8 년간2 배로 급감 하였다. ] [ 주요 변화 원인온라인 매체 노출 증가와 스마트폰 사용량이 증가했기 때문이다. 이에 따른 예상 대책으로 온라인 독서 프로그램 참여 독서를 들 수 있다. ]

[Scoring Criteria]

1. Can you analyze the figures in the first graph? – Change range

2. Can you compare the figures in the second graph? – Figure comparison/change range

3.Can you analyze and write about the graph results? – Comparative analysis of change causes

By solving such example questions and following the three steps, you can enhance your skills for TOPIK 53. Practicing with example questions and applying the expressions mentioned above will help you prepare more effectively.

Tips for High Scores on TOPIK Writing Question 53!

To effectively prepare for TOPIK Writing Question 53, it’s crucial to know some key strategies and expression patterns. Below are some useful tips and model answers to understand effective preparation methods.

  1. Memorize model answers for each question type and utilize frequently used sentence patterns for each type!
    It’s essential to memorize model answers for specific question types and familiarize yourself with expressions frequently used for that type.

Try writing using the expressions you must know while looking at the expressions that are essential when solving TOPIK 53.

TOPIK 53_4
TOPIK 53_5

It’s crucial to use these sentence patterns appropriately for the given graph.

Using comparison words and expressions actively to construct sentences is essential. By understanding the information given in the problem accurately and using clear comparison expressions, you can improve the quality of your writing.
Frequently used sentence patterns become familiar as you solve past questions multiple times. You will experience the magic of the problem being solved without deliberately memorizing them!

2. Set a target score of 30 out of 30 and practice writing quickly within 5 minutes

  • Setting a clear target score and practicing accordingly clarifies what you need to focus on. For example, decide how many points out of 30 you aim for.
  • Since time management is crucial, practicing writing within 5 minutes It will help improve quick thinking and expression skills, providing an advantage during the actual test.

3. Grasp Information and Utilize Clear Expressions:

  • The ability to accurately understand and express information provided in the question is crucial.

When preparing for TOPIK 53, following the above steps while improving your understanding and expression skills will be beneficial. Achieving the targeted score requires consistent practice, varied question types, and efforts to familiarize yourself with frequently used expressions.

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