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TOPIK Writing 51: Must-Know11 essential expressions

Welcome! TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean, TOPIK)offers very crucial chance to all whom may plan to study in Korea or work etc. by testing the proficiency of language and certificated. specially the writing section poses many challenges, and among them, Topic Writing Question 51 is particularly difficult for learners. our guide on mastering the TOPIK Writing Section, specifically focusing on question 51. This blog post, titled “TOPIK Writing 51: Must-Know 11 Essential Expressions,” is designed to help Korean language learners overcome the challenges posed by one of the most daunting parts of the TOPIK writing exam.

Many learners struggle with question 51 due to its demand for clear, logical expression of complex ideas in Korean. This question assesses your ability to organize thoughts coherently and articulate them effectively, utilizing a range of vocabulary and grammatical structures. Understanding the intricacies of this question and mastering the essential expressions and strategies discussed in this post will empower you to approach the TOPIK writing section with confidence. Therefore, effective expressions and accurate grammar usage are essential to achieve high scores in this section.

In this article, we will introduce 11 essential expressions for preparing for Topic Writing Question 51, and provide detailed explanations of their usage and importance. Additionally, we’ll briefly introduce another blog post titled “Strategies to Improve Your Score in TOPIK Writing 51,” which offers further insights and tips on excelling in this particular question. Together, these resources provide a comprehensive approach to improving your writing skills and achieving success in the TOPIK exam.

Let’s embark on this journey to enhance your TOPIK writing skills focusing on acing question 51 with the help of these must-know expressions. In the main body of this guide, we will delve into the essential expressions that are crucial for tackling question 51 of the TOPIK writing section and outline effective strategies for incorporating these expressions into your responses.

토픽 쓰기 51번1
topik writing 51 1

Understanding TOPIK Writing 51

Question 51 in the TOPIK writing section challenges test-takers to articulate complex ideas and arguments in Korean coherently. This question evaluates your ability to structure your thoughts logically, employing appropriate expressions to convey your points clearly and persuasively.

토픽 쓰기 51번2
TOPIK Writing 51 2

11 Essential Expressions for TOPIK Writing 51

1. Reasons and Causes:

“그 이유는 ~ 때문이다”, “이로 인해 ~가 발생한다”

• Use expressions like “because of ~” or “due to ~” to clearly state the reasons or causes behind certain facts or opinions. This helps in laying a solid foundation for your argument. …

2. Contrast and Comparison

“A와 비교할 때 B가 더 ~하다”, “A와 달리 B는 ~한 특징이 있다”

introduce contrasting points or counterarguments. This demonstrates your ability to consider and articulate multiple perspectives. …

3. Request and Ask

“~고 싶습니다”, “-기 바랍니다”

They signal to the reader that you are presenting a personal requests This helps in laying a solid foundation for your argument.

By following the table, you can learn more about topik writing 51 essential expressions.

11 Essential Expressions for TOPIK Writing 51

11 Essential Expressions for TOPIK Writing 51표현
1. 이유와 결과
-아서, -기 때문에
예) 우리가 즐겨 마시는 커피와 차는 화장실을 자주 가게 되기 때문에 너무 많이 마시지 않도록 주의해야 합니다.
예) 비가 오는 날에는 더 많은 교통사고가 나서 운전을 하지 않는 것이 좋습니다.
2. 비교와 대조-지만, -는데
예) 비록 이번 시험에서는 불합격했지만 다음 번 시험에서는 반드시 합격하도록 하겠습니다
예) 잃어버린 지갑을 찾았는데 그 안에 돈은 사라지고 없었습니다.
3. 부탁과 요청(1)V-어/아/여 주다
V-기 바랍니다.
예) 제 노트북이 가끔 저절로 꺼지거나 어두운 화면으로 바뀝니다. 그래서 제 노트북을 고쳐 주십시오.
예) 궁금한 점이 있다면 언제든 알려주시기 바랍니다.
4. 부탁과 요청(2)V-고 싶습니다.
V-았/었으면 좋겠습니다.
V-아/어 주시겠습니까?
예) 저는 다음 주에 떠나려고 합니다. 유학을 가기로 했습니다. 그래서 오늘 만나고 싶습니다.
가능한 시간을 알려주시겠습니까? 제가 문자를 보내겠습니다.
5. 계획V(으)려고 합니다.
V하기로 했습니다.
V-고자 합니다.
예) 다음 주에 떠나려고 합니다.
예) 유학을 가기로 했습니다.
예) 유학을 가고자 합니다.
6. 허락V-(으)면 될까요?
예) 문을 열어 주시겠습니까?
예) 가능한 시간을 알려주시겠습니까?
예) 세탁기를 바꿔주시길 부탁드립니다.
7. 전달과 인용– 라고/다고 하다.
예) 전문가들은 일찍 자는 게 좋다고 한다.
예) 15일부터 한국어능력시험 접수를 시작한다고 한다.
예) 우리 회사에서 경력 사원을 모집한다고 했습니다.
예) 추석에 외국인 장기자랑 대회가 열린다고 했어요.
8. 열거와 나열-고, -(ㄹ) 뿐만 아니라
예) 이 옷은 밝은 하늘색이라 구두나 운동화 _________ 모든 신발과 잘 어울립니다.
예) 지난 달에 방문한 세계꽃행사에서 꽃도 _______ 주변 풍경도 아름다웠습니다.
운동화 뿐만 아니라
꽃도 예쁘고
9. 순서와 전후-은 다음에 / 후에 / 뒤에 / -고 나서
<> -기 전에 / 전에
예) 젖은 머리를 충분히 _______ 잠을 자야 한다.
젖은 머리가 충분히 __________ 잠을 자면 안 된다.
예) 사람들은 보통 식사를 마친 후에 커피를 마신다. 하지만 커피를 마시기 전에 짠 음식을 먹지는 않았는지 살펴야 한다.
말린 후에
말리기 전에
10. 조건과 가정-으면, -다면,-으려면
예) 드시고 싶은 음식을 _______ 미리 주문해 놓겠습니다.
예) 서울에서 기차를 타고 부산에 가려면 어떻게 가야 합니까?
말해주신다면 | 알려주신다면 | 일러준다면 | 얘기해준다면
11. 양보와 선택-아도, -더라도
예) 사람은 물이 ______ 며칠 동안 살 수 있지만
공기가 없으면 하루도 살 수 없다.
예) 아무리 몸이 아파도 ㅇㅇ콘서트는 꼭 가야한다.
TOPIK Writing 51 (table 1)

TOPIK Writing 51
TOPIK Writing 51 3

Strategies to Enhance TOPIK Writing Scores

  • • Deep Understanding and Analysis: Take the time to thoroughly analyze the given topic from various angles. This will enable you to craft a more nuanced and comprehensive response.

  • • Logical Structure Development: Start with an introduction that outlines your main idea, followed by body paragraphs that present your arguments and evidence, and conclude with a summary that reiterates your main points.

Common Mistakes and Pitfalls to Avoid

  • • Straying Off Topic: Make sure that every part of your response directly addresses the question asked. . Irrelevant information can detract from the clarity and coherence of your essay.

  • • Overly Complex Sentences: While it might be tempting to use complex structures to impress, clarity should always be your priority. Simple, well-constructed sentences often communicate your ideas more effectively.

토픽 쓰기 51번4
TOPIK Writing 51 4

By understanding these essential expressions and incorporating them into your TOPIK writing, along with following the outlined strategies, you can significantly improve your performance on question 51 Remember, practice is key to mastering these expressions and effectively applying them under exam conditions.

Many learners struggle with question 51 due to its demand for clear, logical expression of complex ideas in Korean. With proper preparation for the test, you definitely get a high score which you aim at. understanding and applying the 11 essential expressions outlined in this post. These expressions, when used correctly, can significantly enhance the clarity, coherence, and persuasiveness of your responses, thereby improving your overall score in the writing section. Additionally, adopting the strategies discussed will equip you with a structured approach to essay writing, ensuring that your ideas are presented logically and effectively. It’s important to remember that success in TOPIK writing, particularly in question 51, requires consistent practice and a deep understanding of the Korean language’s nuances. By focusing on these essential expressions and refining your writing skills through regular practice, you can overcome the challenges posed by this section and demonstrate your proficiency in Korean writing.

We encourage you to use this guide as a stepping stone towards achieving excellence in the TOPIK writing section. With determination, practice, and a strategic approach to learning, excelling in question 51 and beyond is well within your reach Good luck on your journey to mastering Korean language proficiency! Wish your success!

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