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Would you like to find out the 2023 TOPIK schedule?

When is the 2023 TOPIK schedule?


This is Chapter Korean, an intermediate and advanced Korean language education program.

Today’s article is about the 2023 TOPIK schedule.

Have you guys made any New Year’s goals or bucket list plans for 2023?

Many people make New Year’s plans every year to start the year with a new mindset.

How about aiming to study Korean hard this year and achieve results?

Recently, as Korean dramas and movies have become very popular

due to the K-wave, interest in Korean has increased.

That is why the number of foreigners who want to work in Korea has increased.

The most important thing in the job market is Korean language skills.

It is important to take the TOPIK Korean Proficiency Test

in order to obtain a qualification that can be objectively demonstrated.

How can I get a high score on the TOPIK exam?

Even if you make up your mind to study Korean consistently every day,

there are many things to do if you want to study on your own.

How about studying for a high score/high grade

in the TOPIK exam?

By preparing for the test, you can enjoy the effect of killing two birds with one stone:

not only improving your Korean language skills, but also obtaining a license!

Learn about the 2023 TOPIK schedule

2023 TOPIK schedule - Ready from now

2023 TOPIK schedule – Test Korean Proficiency

2023 TOPIK schedule - table

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If you are preparing for TOPIK in advance, how about making a plan for 2023?

Chapter Korean is also conducting TOPIK writing classes!

Thank you!

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