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안녕하세요! 항상 밝은 미소를 가진 수빈tutor입니다. 😊

Hello, everyone! My name is Subin and I am a Korean language teacher born and raised in South Korea.

I am a brightly smiling and patient teacher that places a high focus on meeting each individual student’s needs.

I studyed Korean language education for foreign learners and am currently giving lectures in Korean at a Korean language education institute located in Jeonju.

I have also been teaching Korean online through an U.S.-based Korean language institute for the last year. I am looking forward to seeing you in class!


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Q&A with the 수빈 tutor

Q : 학생들에게 바라는 점이나 기대하는 것이 있나요?

A : I think it is all about having fun when learning new languages, so I want you not to get stressed and to have fun studying Korean with me. 같이 재미있게 공부해요

Q : “나는 이런 수업을 하겠다.”

A : I want to not only help you improve your Korean skills as a teacher but also motivate you as a facilitator.

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