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Introduction of TOPIK 2 Writing Test

TOPIK 2 Writing

Hello, everyone who are looking to learn Korean and improve their skills! Today, let me walk you through about the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). TOPIK 2 Writing is essential part for thoes who are looking for Level 6. I’d like to let you know step by step Please take a look to check the schedule of 2024 TOPIK Test (Click the link and check the schedule)

What is TOPIK 2?

(Test of Proficiency in Korea, TOPIK) is a Korean language proficiency test run by the state-run National Institute of International Education. This test is for all foreigners who study Korean. The TOPIK test is divided into listening, reading, and writing parts, and we will focus on the writing test here.

TOPIK 2 Writing_Composition by Test Level

How about TOPIK 2 writing test?

The TOPIK 2 writing test aims to evaluate whether you can write Korean writing, especially essay or assertive writing.

Writing Area Writing Question Evaluation Category

Evaluation CategoryEvaluation Contents
51-52Contents and Tasks• Is it written in appropriate content for the task presented?
The usage of Language• Is the use of vocabulary and grammar correct?
53-54Contents and Tasks• Did you fully perform the given task?
• Is it composed of content related to the subject?
• Is the given content expressed in a rich and diverse way?
The sturcture of the contents• Is the composition of the text clear and logical?
• Was the paragraph structured well according to the content of the article?
• Are transitions used appropriately to rich in the development of logic systematically connected?
The usage of Language• Did you use grammar and vocabulary in various and abundant ways, and select and use appropriate grammar and vocabulary?
• Is the use of grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etc. correct?
• Did you write formally according to the purpose and function of the writing?

There are a total of 4 questions in the writing part, but the score is high, so if you study a little, you can get a TOPIK level 6!

The best tip for solving test questions is to know what kind of test at the very first time!

It’s better to focus on how to solve problems rather than your writing skills in terms of TOPIK 2 Writing!

If you know the TOPIK 2 writing part and know how to solve the problem, you can get TOPIK level 6 quickly.

1. Topics & Form

There are a total of four questions in the writing test. 51 and 52 are about filling in the blanks. You have to fill in the blanks and write them in correct sentences. Next, question 53 is the question of writing an article that analyzes the graph. If you get everything right up to here, you can get 50 points with 10, 10, and 30 points each. Finally, question 54 is about writing on a given topic. The theme is various, and it deals with everyday life, social issues, culture, history, and so on. The important thing is to write a logical article on a given topic.

2. type of writing

When you write the answer to question 54 in the TOPIK writing test, you have to write questions such as problem solving, arguments for and against, and writing opinions on the topic.

Depending on the type of writing, the way of writing and useful sentence patterns vary! It’s good to practice getting high scores using TOPIK words and TOPIK sentence patterns that can get high scores on the test.

3. The amount of writing

The length of question 54, which is usually the most difficult, is given in 500-700 words. You must complete the text within this range within a given time.

4. The ability of Language

The TOPIK 2 Writing Test evaluates various language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, expressiveness, logic, and structure of writing. You must express your writings in abundance and convey them logically

5. Way of test

You must write about the given topic and complete it within the given time. The test time can be limited. When you practice, it’s good to practice as if you’re taking a test!

You have to practice 51 in 3 minuties!

52 should be in 3 min!

53 needs to be solved in five minutes.

Use the rest of the time to solve the 54 essay writing!

There is a ‘Onegoji’, Korean cell script paper, to keep in mind, so it’s a good idea to complete all the writing about five minutes in advance!

Importance of TOPIK 2 Writing Test

TOPIK 2 writing tests are often required as admission for entering Korean universities or job requirements for employment in Korea. TOPIK 2 test will help you accurately evaluate your Korean language skills and gain future academic and job opportunities!

Improve your Korean language skills and see new opportunities in the Korean language while studying for the TOPIK 2 exam!

Do you want to study Korean more? Do you want to study TOPIK 2 writing more?

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