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2023 calendar for Korean learners

Introducing the 2023 calendar.

(Goodnote calendar recommendation, TOPIK schedule, TOPIK speaking, I-TOPIK schedule, Korean Quiz)


This is a chapter Korean specializing in intermediate/advanced Korean language education.

The new year of 2023 is coming soon.

When 2023 comes, there are many people making new plans, right?

Korean study plan, study necessary for employment, TOPIK exam plan ……

You guys make a lot of plans…

How do you manage the schedule for that plan?

You probably use a diary or calendar app.

That’s why Chapter Korean has created a 2023 Korean calendar for you

who are studying Korean!

2023 calendar for Korean

Let’s make plans for this year with the 2023 calendar

#ChapterKorean #TOPIKcalendar #Topikcalendar

2023 Calendar - KakaoTalk

For those preparing for the TOPIK exam in 2023

For international students studying Korean,

For students interested in employment in Korea,

For foreign students in Korea,

Download the 2023 calendar.

2023 calendar for Korean – Usage

2023 calendar for Korean - Usage

Chapter Korean has created a Korean calendar for those of you studying Korean!

basic configuration

-Year/Month/Day (Korean)

-Fun Korean Quiz every month, TMI

2023 calendar for Korean – TOPIK

2023 calendar for Korean - TOPIK

You are preparing for the TOPIK test in 2023!


All test schedules at a glance!

How do I download the 2023 calendar?

Link: Download 2023 calendar (click)

Everyone download the Korean calendar

Make good plans for 2023~

Thank you

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