Learn to read Korean and speak Korean!

Do you want to read texts and study Korean reading?
Do you need to study speaking Korean more?
Do You need a challenge that is more difficult than your Korean skills right now?

You need Chapter Korean Reading & Speaking class.


Understanding and summarizing long texts

Study good textbooks , well-written , logical texts together with the teacher to read and understand the content .
By reading lengthy texts with the teacher, you will also learn Korean words and expressions and improve your comprehension .


Advanced Korean sentences and expressions

Students learn accurate and natural sentences, not sentences that Koreans do not use . We use words and expressions found in news , papers , and essays to help you study with high goals .


subject of various issues

business, culture, world, science, Social, psychology, Students learn through writings on various current affairs topics, such as the environment.. Through current affairs Korean lessons, you can build background knowledge as well as Korean..

Chapter Korean Reading & Speaking Class
This is why We recommend it.

If you read and practice writing with various topics and good sentences
your background knowledge will grow and your Korean speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills will all improve.

read Korean, speak Korean

Reading & Speaking Class Student Reviews

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International students in Korea
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the intensive reading materials with advanced expressions and vocabulary greatly helps me in improving my language skills along with giving me the chance to learn everyday used expressions :)!


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Textbook content is interesting


International students United Kingdom
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You can read advanced texts. I can understand the nuance well by explaining similar words.


International students in Korea Singapore
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The teacher is good


International students in Korea
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I like the reading materials because they are fun and I learn a lot of new words and expressions.


International students in Korea Indonesia


I'm curious about the class

You can learn Korean words and expressions by reading Korean texts on various current affairs topics for a total of 100 minutes and practicing understanding texts with your teacher. Prepare for the TOPIK Reading Test.
This is the 4th reading class. You can take reading lessons 4 times.

In what order are the classes held?

Download the textbook to the textbook folder delivered to you at the time of class and read it aloud at least 5 times before class.

What level of student would like to listen to?

This is a class that can be taken from the Senior level to the Mastery level of Chapter Korean.