TOPIK 2 Weeks Group Korean lesson - Package

For 2 weeks, we intensively practice TOPIK writing and reading.
You can register for reading and writing classes separately.


Basic speaking practice group Korean lesson

Pre-Speaking Class : Learn useful sentence patterns
and practice making complex Korean sentences.


News reading : Group Korean lesson

Learn words and expressions by reading Korean texts
on various current topics and practicing comprehension.


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I need to practice speaking.



I want to learn advanced Korean vocabulary and expressions.



TOPIK level 6 is required.



I need Korean for employment.



I want to find the wrong part of my writing.

Check out the group Korean lesson review.

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group Korean lesson right now.

Learn to read Korean and speak Korean!

Do You need a challenge that is more difficult than your Korean skills right now?

Do you want to read the news and study Korean? Need some speaking practice?

Take Chapter Korean classes and improve your Korean skills.

Chapter Korean Reading & Speaking Class
This is why We recommend it.

If you read and practice writing with various topics and good sentences
your background knowledge will grow and your Korean speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills will all improve.

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Understanding and summarizing long texts

Read and study good textbooks and well-written logical texts with the teacher.
Learn Korean words and expressions while reading long texts with your teacher.


Advanced Korean sentences and expressions

Students learn accurate and natural sentences, not sentences that Koreans do not use . We use words and expressions found in news , papers , and essays to help you study with high goals .


Subject of various issues

Business, culture, world, science, Social, psychology, Students learn through writings on various current affairs topics, such as the environment.. Through current affairs Korean lessons, you can build background knowledge as well as Korean..

Are you preparing for TOPIK 2 ?

If your goal is TOPIK level 6, prepare for the TOPIK test with Chapter Korean.
There are the best TOPIK reading and TOPIK writing classes.


This is why I recommend
Chapter Korean
TOPIK 2 class.

You will learn how to do well on the test only when you take effective classes
Then you can achieve your TOPIK test goal faster than others.

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TOPIK 2 problem analysis

You can study with more efficient problem-solving methods analyzed by Korean experts at Chapter Korean.


Pattern Expressions for High Scores

There are some expressions you should use to get a high score in TOPIK. Practice repeatedly to practice writing more accurately.


Korean teacher's personal correction

Learn about your repeated mistakes and weaknesses through 1:1 counseling with your teacher and personal corrections . To grow my Korean, I need to know myself .

Find a job with K-Dream
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한국어 배워서 취업 성공하자!
E7비자까지 K-Dream.

This is a K-Dream business Korean language and employment program
jointly organized by Chapter Korean and Kowork.
get a job, and get an E7 visa at once!

I'm curious about the class.

If you want to get a job in Korea and get an E7 visa through resume, cover letter, and interview preparation, please contact K-Dream.

This course is designed for :

This class can be taken by anyone who wants to find a job in Korea.

What’s included

Weekly zoom lesson (60mins)
Self-introduction and application form individually edited pdf file
Chapter Korean Community Kakaotalk Chat Room
Discount Coupon for future lesson

1 1 1

resume cover letter coaching

Write a resume and cover letter to be submitted to the company
We fix it together with the teacher, and make it the best document.

1 1 2

Korean interview preparation

Introduce yourself and answer the questions needed for the interview 1:1 with the teacher
Learn and practice with patterns .

1 1 3

Korean required by the company

Prepare intensively with your teacher the Korean language needed
at work, such as words needed at work, honorifics, email writing, etc.

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The K-Dream program is a joint program between Chapter Korean and Kowork.
checks whether you are eligible for an E-7 visa and matches you with a company that allows you to work.
Also, after going through the employment process, the visa issuance process will be carried out at Kowork.

This is why

we recommend K-Dream.

Those who want to get an E7 visa by learning Korean and getting a job successfully.
I recommend it to you who want to continue living in Korea.


get a job in Korea
Desired international student


job seekers looking for a job


I want to work in Korea

Get your Korean text
checked by your teacher!


Korean correction

Your Korean text , is it perfect?

If you want to be coached, edited, or corrected in your Korean writing and want to analyze your weaknesses,
please use the Korean Editing service.

I am curious about the service.

A native-speaking teacher makes corrections and corrections. It has high accuracy and corrects awkward expressions or grammatical errors by correcting sentence structure and word order. After reading the text, check whether there are any parts that do not fit the context or unnecessary content, and then delete or add them.

How long does it take?

It takes an average of 4 days. However, if the number of proofreading characters is less than 6,000, if you request it before 3pm on the same day, you can receive it on the same day.

In what order?

After checking the detailed information on the application page, upload the file and make the basic first payment.
Based on the uploaded file, the editor in charge proceeds with proofreading.
After proofing, we will provide you with proofreading files.
* One-time revision files can only be provided on the same day.
When all corrections are completed, the second payment is made based on the number of characters submitted.

What are offered?

Proofreading and editing pdf files
Chapter Korean Community Kakaotalk Chat Room
Discount Coupon for future lesson


Korean correction

Your Korean text , is it perfect?

Editing and proofreading process


Please apply for corrections and corrections above.


We will send the Google Form to the email address you provided.


Please fill out the Google Form and upload the file.


Please pay according to the instructions.


Our professional teachers will 'correct' or 'correct' your writing.


Please provide as much detail as possible about your request.