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Getting Started
Talking Lesson
To whom is the class good for?

We recommned our classes to everyone who has learned Korean but still feels it is not enough, to those who are preparing for a Korean interview, to those who want to speak confidently when giving presentations or presentations in Korean, and to anyone who wants to speak more naturally when conversing with native speakers.

When should I start?

There is no such thing as a good time to start, but the sooner the better. Check out my skills with one trial class now!
Check out my skills with one experience class now!

How often should I do it?

They say you have to study at least 7 hours a day, but start by studying 1 hour every day, 7 hours a week.

What is the curriculum?

It starts with a self-introduction and general topic, then proceeds by discussing or commenting on a specific topic.

What are textbooks?

It is conducted with self-produced textbooks tailored to the Chapter Korean curriculum.

Group class or 1:1 class, which one is better?

Group classes have the advantage of being able to listen to other people's various ideas and give and receive feedback to each other by teaching a different topic each week. On the other hand, if you take a one-on-one class, you can focus more on class because it provides real-time proofreading and feedback files from a native speaker and detailed learning directions. So, you can decide according to your preference.

How much is a class ticket?

Prices vary by class, so you can find out exactly on each class page.

I'm curious about Chapter Korean's classes

Chapter Korean's teaching method allows you to use the words and natural expressions used by real Koreans, from speaking, listening to writing.

I'm curious about Chapter Korean's 1:1 speaking class.

Chapter Korean's 1:1 online Korean speaking class is a speaking class conducted with a Korean teacher with textbooks on various topics, such as business, science, society, and economy, at any time you want.

I'm curious about Chapter Korean's group class.

Chapter Korean's group online Korean class is for those who want to learn Korean on a variety of topics every week and apply it in real life.

I'm curious about Chapter Korean's K-dream class.

K-dream is for those who want to find a job in Korea, so you can learn about self-introduction and even interview.

I'm curious about Chapter Korean's TOPIK writing class.

The TOPIK writing class is for those who want to get a high score by improving their TOPIK2 writing skills.

I am curious about the correction/correction of Chapter Korean.

In proofreading/correction, a native-speaking teacher corrects and corrects the Korean text that you want to correct or correct.

Is there anything I need to prepare before class starts?

It is a laptop with a built-in camera, and you need to install the video program Zoom. Click the button below to check the Zoom installation guide.

I would like to book a 1:1 speaking class.

This class is 100% by reservation system. After registering for the course and before taking the class, please select the desired date in advance. During regular classes, class reservations and changes can be made directly with the teacher in charge.

I would like to book a 1:1 speaking experience class.

In the case of a one-time experience class, a consultation with the education manager is conducted. After the consultation, you will be matched with the teacher.

I want to book a group class.

You can register for a class according to the class start date. The start date varies by class, so you can check it on the class page.

I would like to book a correction/correction class.

This class is 100% by reservation system. Additional options will vary depending on the content of the corrections and proofing and the amount of documents.

I want to change the 1:1 speaking class.

Classes can be canceled or rescheduled 24 hours prior to the class start time. Cancellations made 2 hours prior to the start of the class will not receive a refund of the class ticket and there will be no reinforcement classes.

I want to change the 1:1 speaking experience class.

Classes can be canceled or rescheduled 24 hours prior to the class start time. If you cancel 2 hours before class starts, the class ticket will be deducted.

I want to change the group class.

Classes will be held on the specified date, and if the class is canceled, the corresponding course ticket will be deducted.

I want to change the editing/correction class.

In case of cancellation, you will have to pay for the part that was processed by the proofreader, even if it was canceled on the same day.

I want to prep for class.

Read the textbook for the class day to ensure a smooth class progress.

How is 1:1 speaking class?

Enter the teacher's personal zoom link. Access the Zoom screen and set the computer/mobile phone microphone and speaker to on.

How is the group class?

In the case of a group class, enter the class through the zoom link. Access the Zoom screen and set the computer/mobile phone microphone and speaker to on.

How is the video class?

You can take the course on the course page you took.

I want to review after the 1:1 speaking class.

Please reread the textbook used on the corresponding class day and review the teacher's real-time proofreading feedback file.

I want to review it after group class.

After completing the group class, please check the homework for each class and review it.

I want to take a 1:1 speaking class.

You can meet online with a professionally trained Korean teacher, chat in Korean for 45 minutes, and receive real-time proofreading and speaking feedback.

What services do you provide?

With real-time speaking correction and feedback from the teacher, you can correct frequently used wrong sentences and expressions and check which expressions are frequently used.
Within 24 hours after class ends, the teacher can check the feedback file by sending it through KakaoTalk.

What textbook do you use?

We use self-developed textbooks so that you can speak and write Korean naturally and accurately, covering topics in various fields, from everyday topics to business, economics, science, education, and psychology.

Can I choose the right textbook for me?

You can learn more clearly by passing it on directly to the teacher and discussing the topic you want to learn and the Korean language you want to improve in detail.
*If you have content or textbooks you want to learn, you can deliver them directly to the teacher in advance. Other students are also sending the desired material, book, pdf or image directly and teaching.

When is the class time?

Total class time is 45 minutes. The class date and time will be determined during the Kakao Talk consultation or through consultation with the teacher.

In what order are the classes held?

The teacher selects textbooks that fit the student's level and interests.
The teacher sends the textbook to the student through KakaoTalk.
Students read the textbook in advance and participate in class.
In class, the teacher corrects the student's misused expression or teaches the student the necessary Korean language.
The teacher sends the feedback file to the student through KakaoTalk.
Review with the feedback file.

What level of student would you like to listen to?

This is a class that everyone can take from Chapter Korean's Survival level to the Mastery level.

What kind of teacher do you study with?

All teachers at Chapter Korean are Korean teachers who have undergone professional training. As they have accumulated experience in various majors and fields, they are able to deliver detailed information, correct sentences, and provide accurate speaking and writing feedback.

Can I choose a teacher?

In 1:1 classes, in most cases, if you talk during Kakao Talk, you can have a class with the teacher you want. However, for group classes, a teacher is assigned.

What is the teacher matching criteria?

We recommend the best teacher for you, considering your current Korean level, your interests, and your occupation.

Can I change teachers?

In case of 1:1 class, you can change it during Kakao Talk consultation.

I want to register for a class.

You can check the price of all Chapter Korean class tickets on each class page.

How do I pay for a ticket?

Both domestic and overseas cards can be paid on the website.

Can I pay overseas?

1. Select the desired ticket and click the [Pay] button
2. Overseas cards can only be processed with Paypal.

What is the validity period of the 1:1 class voucher?

The validity period of the course varies depending on the class ticket.
(Example: 8 tickets - 2 months / 16 tickets - 3 months / 24 tickets - 4 months)

I want to get my class ticket refunded.

Please request a refund through [KakaoTalk Channel Inquiry]. Refunds can only be received through KakaoTalk channel consultation.

I would like to issue a receipt.

Request for issuance of course certificates and receipts through [KakaoTalk Channel Inquiry].

Can I suspend my class ticket?

If you purchase a subscription for more than one year, we provide a temporary suspension service for up to one month.

What is the curriculum?

Chapter Korean online Korean class teaches you to speak accurately while filling in the gaps in Korean speaking from 1:1 speaking classes to group classes. You can learn intermediate vocabulary and sentence structure, and systematically learn advanced vocabulary and logical speaking.

I'm not good at Korean, can I take the course?

Classes are conducted only in Korean, so if you can communicate with a native speaker, you can take the class. However, Chapter Korean does not provide basic Korean education such as basic grammar, vocabulary, and Hangul. If you can express your thoughts on a topic and have a conversation with a Korean teacher, you can improve your speaking skills faster by taking Chapter Korean classes.

I wonder how the Chapter Korean class is different from other services.

With professionally trained Korean teachers and self-developed Korean materials that allow you to practice speaking on various topics such as culture, business, economy, society, and science, you can learn natural Korean.

How long is the class?

Chapter Korean 1:1 Korean speaking class is 45 minutes long.
Group classes are different for each class, so please check the group class details page.

I am curious about the difficulty of the Chapter Korean class.

If you can easily converse with Koreans, you can take classes. However, if you are at the <Beginner, Survivor> level , we recommend taking the video lecture.

[Beginner, Survival Level] I am curious about the Chapter Korean class.

Introducing Chapter Korean usage and recommended curriculum for students who are unfamiliar with the Korean language. Take one-on-one speaking classes to increase your confidence in Korean, take video classes and learn more Korean expressions.

[Intermediate level and above] I am curious about the Chapter Korean class.

Recommending Chapter Korean usage methods and recommended curriculum for intermediate level or higher students who are familiar with Korean. Intermediate learners need to develop the habit of using Korean naturally and frequently using it in their daily life, so that they can use technical terms and discuss current issues in the advanced learning stage.

How much should I study to be better?

It's good to focus on one thing at a time, but if you get into the habit of studying steadily, you'll definitely feel your skills improve. Those who say that they have definitely improved their Korean at Chapter Korean have one thing in common: they took classes at least 8 times a month.

I am curious about the Chapter Korean material.

The Chapter Korean material is for everyone who wants to be good at Korean from speaking to reading and writing. It was produced mainly in Korean, which can be usefully used in real life while learning Korean words from real Korean words to the latest Korean issues.

A network error has occurred.

If there is an error in the network connection during 1:1 speaking class, please request to stop the class for a while and then contact [KakaoTalk Channel Inquiry].

A Zoom error has occurred.

If you have problems with Zoom audio, please connect the audio manually.
After entering the class, you must manually connect the audio for it to work properly. Please manually connect the audio in the lower left corner of the Zoom screen.

I am curious about correction and correction in Korean

You can edit and proofread the Korean documents you want from a Chapter Korean teacher with various majors and work experience. Resume proofreading is recommended to be corrected with 1:1 speaking classes rather than correction and proofreading classes.

I'm curious about the video lecture.

Video lectures range from free lectures to paid lectures so that students of all levels from beginner to advanced can learn. After checking the recommended video lectures for each level, we recommend that you take the entire course.

I want to work in Korea!

At Chapter Korean, there is a 'K-dream' class to prepare you for a job. You can learn all about 'from A to Z of employment', from writing resumes and self-introductions in Korean, editing and proofreading, interview preparation, and practical interview practice. You can get a job and a work visa at the same time for the company and field you want.