Get your Korean text edited and corrected.


한국어 첨삭

당신의 한국어 글, 지금 완벽한가요?

If you want to be coached, edited, or corrected in your Korean writing and want to analyze your weaknesses,
please use the Korean Editing service.

I am curious about the service.

A native-speaking teacher makes corrections and corrections. It has high accuracy and corrects awkward expressions or grammatical errors by correcting sentence structure and word order. After reading the text, check whether there are any parts that do not fit the context or unnecessary content, and then delete or add them.

How long does it take?

It takes an average of 4 days. However, if the number of proofreading characters is less than 6,000, if you request it before 3pm on the same day, you can receive it on the same day.

In what order?

After checking the detailed information on the application page, upload the file and make the basic first payment.
Based on the uploaded file, the editor in charge proceeds with proofreading.
After proofing, we will provide you with proofreading files.
* One-time revision files can only be provided on the same day.
When all corrections are completed, the second payment is made based on the number of characters submitted.

What are offered?

Proofreading and editing pdf files
Chapter Korean Community Kakao Talk Chat Room
Coupons for participating in various events


Korean correction

Your Korean text , is it perfect?

Chapter Korean Editing and Proofreading


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Please fill out the Google Form and upload the file.


Please pay according to the instructions.


Our professional teachers will 'correct' or 'correct' your writing.


Please provide as much detail as possible about your request.