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Learn the expressions you want to say in Korean,
the Korean you need every day,
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+200 various business Korean textbooks such as business, politics/economics, culture, science, etc.

A Korean material with content of new issues in Korea and around the world that is updated monthly.

The best Korean materials
for Korean conversation.

You can learn words and expressions by reading questions and texts
designed to think and speak.

Latest Issues
Articles on topics of recent topics
article with conversation
A conversational textbook made up of expressions used by real Koreans in everyday life
speaking question
A variety of questions that allow you to have a deep conversation with your teacher
key words and expressions
Useful Korean expressions and Korean words that can be used immediately for speaking
최신이슈 글
대화가 있는 글
말하기 질문
핵심 단어와 표현

From daily conversations to current affairs,
Up to practical business Korean !!


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Thank you so much Chapter Korean!!!
Originally, I was too afraid to speak, so my speaking skills are very poor.
Because of the speaking class now, not only will I be able to understand what others are saying easily, but I will also be able to respond quickly. Thank you very much.
I want to continue taking classes!


대학교 4학년 대학원 진학 예정 중국
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There are very few institutions that offer such advanced courses.
It was really hard, but it’s really nice to be able to study Korean regularly, even for an hour a week like this.
Thank you to the Chapter Korean teachers who made and taught good study materials!


외국계 직장인 미국
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it’s fun.
I will work harder.
It’s good to know not only the language, but also the ideas, Korean culture, and popular languages because the content of the fellowship is diverse.


외국계 직장인 대만
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Teacher works really hard to understand what I’m trying to express and teaches me the natural
Korean way to say things in a way that is easily understood


한국 내 직장인 미국
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Nice teacher / seems professional / instead of a class evaluation test he jumped right into
business Korean and more fitting to my business which i really liked since it gives me a real individual
experience what i was looking for


CEO 미국
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I checked my grades, and I got topic 6th grade. Before class, my writing was really messed up.
Thanks to you, I got good grades. There are many opportunities to practice during class, so you can use the expressions you have learned in various ways.
So nice to be able to! I would like to recommend it to my friends who are preparing for the topic exam!


대학생 홍콩

Let’s Start studing Korean
with ChapterKorean