Chapter Korean TOPIK writing class Student review

3 ways to get high score on TOPIK writing

✓ Studying to get a high score on an exam for exam.

✓ Don’t just try to learn, but study actively. Be a pro-active learner.

✓ Fill a certain amount of learning time steadily with exam-focused guide.

TOPIK writing class students review

Topik class student review 01

Review 1

The students said wanted to improve the topic writing score, and the student needed to write an email at work, so took a writing class.

The student was not familiar with the class at first, but the teacher explained it well and corrected the homework well, so he learned the secret to perfect writing.

It was good to be able to take ZOOM online Korean classes even abroad, and the students say that it is recommended for students studying abroad.

Topik class student review 02

Review 2

The student said that thanks to the teacher, they were able to correct awkward Korean expressions and better prepare for the TOPIK test.

In particular, it is said that the student gained confidence in the 53rd question of writing the TOPIK.

Topik class student review 03

Review 3

The student had a good experience through the TOPIK writing class and was able to practice a lot during the class, so the students was able to use the expressions had learned in various ways.

Students are recommending them to their friends who are preparing for the TOPIK exam.

Topik class student review 04

Review 4

This student didn’t have good TOPIK writing grades two years ago, but he said it was good because he knew a lot of things to be careful about.

And it is said that this student was able to study without feeling burdened because the class atmosphere was good.

I would recommend this student to anyone who loves the Korean language and has a passion for the Korean language.

Topik class student review 05

Review 5

This student applied for TOPIK because student had high scores in reading and listening to topics, but student’s writing scores were not good.

This student learned a lot of good Korean writing and Korean words through the class

and student would recommend it to international students and foreigners who want to live in Korea.

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